Quindorian Press

Quindorian Press is proud to publish three works by short story author Kevin John Windorf:

The Serpent Beareris a collection of 13 “stories of suspense” inspired by the Zodiac constellations. Windorf uses the stars’ mythologies, namesakes, and bestiary to craft 13 distinct stories that share a common theme: Fear. With Author’s Notes to explain the origin of each tale, Windorf takes his readers through historical, fantastical and autobiographical flashpoints. There, dangers, known and unknown, will challenge a cast of characters you’ll come to feel for, root for, and ultimately, pray for.

"Speaking In Tongues" is a story cycle that presents 10 short stories set in a particular saloon with a peculiar bartender and even stranger patrons. Nine of the stories take place on the same night -- the Saturday night of Labor Day weekend.  Windorf's wry sense of humor weaves its way through nine stories, that find themselves all interwoven -- including the one story whose narrator envisions only tragedy for the night and its lovable cast of characters.

"The Gate" is a quick-read, a driven story of suspense.  FilmNation Entertainment says, "Windorf has written a true page-turner... like a classic Twilight Zone."  The story pits a young couple and their child against the paranoia and fear of spending an ill-fated night on Virginia's Eastern Shore, isolated by a relentless storm -- and someone who might just be stalking them.

All of Windorf's works are available exclusively on Amazon.com in paperback and for digital download.

Future publications from Quindorian Press will include fiction and poetry by Mr. Windorf and several other emerging writers.


Quindorian Arts

Quindorian Arts is exploring creative projects by a number of artists working in photography, painting and sculpture.

Launch date to be announced.

We invite you to visit the website of Jim Richards, an artist who has provided photography for this website and for two books by Kevin John Windorf.


Quindorian Films

 From screenplays to television development projects to short videos, Quindorian Films will look to create, produce and distribute unique stories, across genres, from emerging film makers and cinematic storytellers.

Project slate to be announced.